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Attic Fans also known as Gable Fans or Ventilation Fans will remove the accumulated heated attic air which can retain the radiated heat of a warm day up to 130 degree's . It's like having an oven above your ceiling which can increase your conditioned air by 10 degree's or more.

Attic Fans range in quality and price, I install the one's that I find perform the best which cost about $120.00. The Labor typically takes a qualified electrician 3 to 5 hours.  I have a preferred way of installing the gable fan which is to add an over ride switch and also incorporate a timing mechanism into the design. My theory is to force out the days air while it draws in the cool night air, allowing the cool air to reduce the timeframe of the attic warming the next day.

Recessed Lighting also known as Can Lights or Down Lights create a great improvement to any room or ceiling space normally located in Kitchens, Living Rooms, Hallways , Dining Rooms or a number of other favored locations.

Recessed Lights can vary in price based on the chosen finish trim used and the fixture lamp output which is measured in lumens. Typically material for a recessed light will cost about $50.00 each. The labor typically takes a qualified electrician about 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Surge Protector also known as a Surge Arrestor or Surge Suppressor is designed to regulate any irregular voltage fluctuations caused by a cycling electric motor or other conditions which make for a fluctuation within your electrical signal. The fluctuations create an electrical noise which is basically a spike the same as you have seen on a heart monitor machine although this spike ranging from 1 to 15 amps can damage electronics like computers, televisions, stereo's etc..

Surge Protectors can be installed to the Electrical panel which can protect your entire home  from a severe spike up to 15 amps for about $ 80.00. The Labor is about 1 hour.
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951 751 2297
951 751 2297
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There is a minimum 1 hour labor charge of $150.00 / any time thereafter would be $80.00 Hr.
All workmanship on any Invoice has a 100% Guarantee - Materials on the Invoice have the manufacturer's warranty.
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