There is a minimum one hour labor charge of $125.00 / any time thereafter would be $75.00 Hr.
All workmanship on any Invoice has a 100% Guarantee - Materials on the Invoice has the manufacturer's warranty.
 Scheduled Service     125.00 / 75.00         Electrician Rates         Urgent Service   $ 150.00 /100.00
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Dedicated Circuit
220v Circuit 
Microwave Circuit
Computer Circuit
Spa Circuit
Branch Circuits
GFI Circuit
Spa Circuit Cost
Commercial Transformer Installation
Install Drop Cords
Weather Proof Circuit Enclosure
Commercial Circuits
Equipment Circuits
Hot Tub Circuit
Forced Air Unit
240v Car Charger Circuit
15 - 20 - 30 Amp Dedicated Circuit
Example: Running a dedicated circuit for anything from a microwave - computer - Wall  unit AC - etc  is basically the same material's just a different purpose. Normally a new breaker is added and on average up to 100 ft of new wiring is run either in the attic or under the house - a box is added at the needed location with it's plug and cover, that's it ... granted it's more difficult than it sounds.

$ 200/350
40 - 50 Amp 240v Hot Tub Circuit
$ 500/800
2 - 4 hrs  
6 - 10 hrs  
Example: Running a dedicated circuit for larger equipment is a little more money merely because of the wire costs - the need usually of circuit disconnects and in this case GFI protection if not already furnished within the Hot Tub. Typically this circuit does get ran in metal conduit and is usually 100 ft or more in length. The breaker is much of the cost as well, being that it's a 240 volt GFI, designed to create the safest conditions from accidental harm to anyone or anything within the Hot Tub.
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Est. Labor
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