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Security Lighting 
Recessed Lighting 
Fluorescent Lighting
LED Lighting
Low Voltage Lights
Electricians Cell Phone
  277v / 480v 
  120v / 208v / 240v
  State Lic.  # 518434
Residential  - Commercial    
  Licensed - Bonded - Insured
Landscape Lighting Installations
Recessed Light Installations
Exit Light repair and maintenance
Track Lighting Installation
Light Fixture Replace
New Lighting Installation
Business Lighting Installation and Repair
Residential Lighting Prices
Installing Recessed Lights

Recessed Lighting Installation
951 751 2297
Recessed Lighting        Wire - 6" Housing - 18 watt 1200 Lumen LED Trim
Material totals are based on wire cost, lengths, housing ,trim and bulb styles

Dining Room Pendant Lights
Chandelier Installation
Install Track Lighting
Affordable Lighting Prices - Installation and Repair of Recessed Lighting
Adding Security Lights - Kitchen Light Upgrades - Improved Garage Lighting
Interior and Exterior Light Fixtures -  Commercial and Residential Lighting 
and much more ...

How much does new Lighting cost
951 751 2297

There is a minimum one hour labor charge of $125.00 / any time thereafter would be $75.00 Hr.
All workmanship on any Invoice has a 100% Guarantee - Materials on the Invoice has the manufacturer's warranty.
 Scheduled Service     125.00 / 75.00         Electrician Rates         Urgent Service   $ 150.00 /100.00
Affordable Prices
Quality Service
130.00 / 170.00 
Prices below includes typical Material and Labor costs.